40th Anniversary Celebration Event


The first Games by James opened its doors in 1979. 40 years later, we're still going strong!
Join us in the Rotunda of the Mall of America to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a company.

When:  Saturday, October 12th, 2019
Where:Mall Of America Rotunda, 7104 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425

Game Demos - All day long with the publishers or designers of more than twenty awesome games!

Game Events - Scheduled play-throughs. After most of these, 10 random players (of the 40 players max) will take home the game played!
$3 suggested donation per person (goes to AuSM - the Autism Society of Minnesota!).

Tournaments - Two 5-hour tournaments: Star Wars Destiny, Keyforge. See below for details.

On Stage - We'll be playing some party games with volunteers from the public throughout the day. Win Fantastic Prizes!

Click here to sign-up in advance for any of the Game Events or Tournaments.

Read below for the schedules. (keep scrolling for the Events and Tournaments)

Game Demos:

Representatives from the game creators will be demoing all day, unless otherwise noted.

Game Events:

For these events, there is a $3 per person suggested donation (which goes directly to AuSM).
Events may fill up. We recommend signing up in advance, by completing this form.


Sign up for these (and the above events) using this form.
Fees will be collected during check-in (and 40% of every fee will go directly to AuSM!).


Fantasy Flight Games
10:00am to 3:00pm
24 Seats Available
$30 Event Fee

Choose your fate and get ready to roll the chance cube! Each player in this sealed event may use both the Rivals Event Kit and the Allies of Necessity Event Kit.
Players will get 8 pack tokens to "buy" packs with at the event. Some sets will offer more packs than others for each token you spend there, allowing more options for your deck!
Once players have their packs they will open them and build the their decks, which they'll use in four rounds of head-to-head Destiny action!
Top four will cut to final rounds and special prizes will be available for all players!


Fantasy Flight Games
3:30pm to 8:30pm
24 Seats Available
$30 Event Fee

Archons, you have been called! New Vaults have been discovered, but your forces will not be able to fully muster fast enough - you'll have to make due with what you're able to find along the way there.
For this Triple-Elimination Sealed Tournament, each player will get three unopened decks and start the event by opening just one. Once that deck is defeated, it is removed from the tournament!
If all three of a player's decks are eliminated, that player is also eliminated. The last player standing will get the power that the vault contains!