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Tapple 10 Game

Tapple 10 Game

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Tapple 10 is a fun game to play on-the-go! Flip a card to reveal a letter. Then challenge your friends and family to name a word that starts with that letter and fits within the matching color category. The fastest player to answer claims the card. Tapple 10 features 10 fun game variants to play. Games include: Tapple 10 Alpha, Rake 'em In, Four in a Row, Down the Line, Head to Head, Scramble, Alpha Build, Countdown, Last Man Standing, and Under Pressure. Tapple 10 includes 80 Tapple 10 cards, travel case, sand timer, and instructions. Tapple 10 is for 1 or more players. Ages 8 and up. Game Time: 3-15 minutes.
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